Welcome to the POWER OF CREATIVITY TELESUMMIT 2014!  We are very excited to have you be part of this unique event which will gather together master practitioners in the field of creativity who are using the arts to transform the world. As part of this FREE week-long summit from February 2-9, 2014, you will have access to live interviews with over a dozen of these changemakers.  Learn tips, methods and approaches from master practitioners who are using theatre, dance, visual art, creative writing, music and more to promote growth and positive change among individuals, groups and nations.  Here is how to access the INTERVIEWS as well as the TELESUMMIT SCHEDULE:

Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary dial in number: (415) 633-4267
Access Code:684228#

Full list of local dial in Numbers:

If you’d like to listen through the web, you will be sent specific links each night to access the following days interviews over the web.

To listen through SKYPE, add “joinconference” to your contact list, call “joinconference” and then dial your access code when invited to: 684228#


Sunday February 2
* 5pm: Introductory Call with Telesummit Co-Hosts and Expressive Arts Therapists Suraya Keating and Nicki Koethner, and guest Sophia Reinders, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist.

Monday February 3
* 10am: Armand Volkas discusses Healing the Wounds of History and offers insight and guidance as to how to utilize the arts to heal groups in conflict
* 1pm: Sue Martin addresses the power of creativity and spiritual practices to respond to stress, trauma and support full embodiment in the present moment

Tuesday February 4
* 10:30am: Michael Rojas shines light on how sacred drumming practices can release blocked energy and cultivate connection to wisdom and guidance
* 1pm: Elise Peeples, writer and director of Art Between us, describes collaborative arts processes that stimulate creativity and dissolve isolation
* 5pm: Delfina Piretti shares about “creative process living” and on how painting, art installation and Zen practice can help us in our daily lives

Wednesday February 5
* 10am: Karin von Daler discusses cutting edge tools from the arts to help people with Borderline Personality Disorder or with chaotic emotions.
* 5pm: Lysa Castro elucidates how Authentic Movement and BodyTales, with their emphasis on deep listening, bring us home to ourselves.

Thursday February 6
* 10am: Han Bishop discusses how past life regression can help us tap into unknown creative potential, and to connect our creativity to our life purpose.
* 1pm: Mireya Alejo identifies major obstacles to aliveness, and shares how the arts and Holotropic Breathwork connects us to aliveness and to our soul.

Friday February 7
* 10am: Anneli Richards offers inspiring tools and perspectives on how the use of play and creativity promotes healthy relationships among families.
* 1pm: Olivia Corson, originator of Body Tales, highlights the way in which the witnessing of our uninterrupted personal stories helps heal trauma.
* 5pm: Karen Saura, founder of Mindful Rhythm Movements, demonstrates how the use of the arts in schools helps youth to settle and facilitates learning.

Saturday February 8
* 10am: Sylvia Israel identifies key differences between Psychodrama and Drama Therapy, and shares powerful tools to help trauma survivors feel safe.
* 5pm: Anin Utigaard illuminates the essence of the person-centered approach and authentic voice-work , and how it helps us move stuck patterns and find our true voice.

Sunday February 9
* 10am: Kate Donohue, a Jungian Expressive Arts Therapist, speaks with passion about the global, cross-cultural and archetypal aspects of creativity.
* 5pm: Closing Celebration Call with Nicki Koethner, Suraya Keating and surprise guests

Once again, we are very delighted to have you join us for this week long exploration of the Power of Creativity, and thank you for all the ways you bring your own creative medicine to the planet.

With gratitude,

Suraya Keating & Nicki Koethner

Co-Hosts of the Power of Creativity Telesummit 2014